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The 20 books most people have lied about reading

The 20 books most people have lied about reading

The 20 books most people have lied about reading
03 February 2016

Is there any smugger feeling than reading a book before the TV show comes out?

It’s not just being able to hold friends to emotional ransom as you tease them over the fate of characters they’ve just left in a cliff-hanger, you understand; it’s that you can critique the series in a way viewers unfamiliar with the source material simply cannot.

A recent study of the reading habits of 2,000 people commissioned by the BBC Store - to coincide with the final episode of War and Peace - found that film and TV adaptations actually encourage viewers to pick up the original text, with 44 per cent claiming they would think about picking up a book if it was worthy of an adaptation (11.22.63, J. J. Abrams’ Stephen King adaptation starring James Franco is due later this month, FYI).

But just what about people who lie about reading a book? Well, the same BBC Store study also found that one in four people had bluffed about reading a classic when a TV adaptation of it was shown, with War and Peace placing fourth in the list of novels they were most likely to lie about reading.

So, without further ado, here are the 20 novels you’re most likely to tell fibs about reading.

First place is a turn up for the books.

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