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The 10 most ridiculous Ronaldo tantrums ever

Life is so unfair for Ronnie

The 10 most ridiculous Ronaldo tantrums ever
23 June 2016

Life is so hard when you're Cristiano Ronaldo.

Doomed to forever be in the shadow of Lionel Messi, no matter how hard he tries, he'll constantly be second best. And why is it that everything is just so constantly unfair? 

Like a true man-child, whenever things don't go exactly to his plan - getting the penalty when he wants one, scoring when he wants to, being the centre of attention - he reacts with some of the most glorious tantrums imaginable.

Imagine what he's like when he doesn't get the Christmas present he asked for.

Watch and laugh at his top 10 temper tantrums below.

Not happy with Hungary scoring

Not happy with a reporter daring to ask a question

This is the greatest childish tantrum we've ever seen (even though it is almost justified)

Just look at that face

Truly, what a child

"How can they not give me a penalty whenever I want one? I hate them"

Life is just so unfair when you're Ronaldo

Good to see such support for a teammate scoring

An obvious penalty right? Right?

Ronaldo selects Tantrum Mode

To be fair, we wouldn't have blamed him for a tantrum here