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The 11 greatest animal jumps

Poetry in motion

The 11 greatest animal jumps

Animals are fearless beings. Breaching a chasm holds no fear for them. But unfortunately bravery does not always equate to skill, or proficiency.

We take a look at 10 of the most memorable animal jumps in history: elegant, powerful and mesmeric, all of them. In their own special way.


Snow is notoriously a tricky surface to work with, as Waffles was to find out to his cost.


Remember: just because your friend can jump over something, doesn't mean you can too.


Can penguins jump? Surely their feet are too restricted - and they can't fly. Well, this penguin didn't listen to the haters - truly epic.


Truly majestic. Poetry in motion.


We're really not sure what our furry friend was trying to achieve here. Maybe he just wanted to go viral on YouTube. It worked.


The ability to judge distances is crucial in any jump. This raccoon may need to work on that a little.


Water is a liquid, ice is a solid. Remember they taught you that at school? Oh, you weren't listening.

Penguin #2

You are gold. Gold. Always believe in your soul.

Cat #2

Cats can't fly. But this one didn't know the meaning of the word 'can't'. It does now.

Turtle #2

Just as majestic as his brother earlier on the list. And a showman too - being broadcast on TV. This turtle is destined for big things.


Who knew hamsters were so proficient at mind control?