Hero soldier brings tiny drowned puppy back to life by giving it CPR

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Gary Ogden
Watch the world's greatest hero give CPR to a puppy 1

Remember how that video of that woman giving mouth-to-mouth to a pigeon in Glasgow had an altogether anti-climactic ending? Well, I’ve got one that is entirely more distressing - like distressing on a previously unheard of scale - but at least it has a happy ending. 

Sorry if I ruined it there, but I don’t think it warranted a spoiler alert, because it’s not like we’re going to post a horrendously long video of a man frantically pumping on a puppy’s chest until it dies. We’ll save that for April Fool’s Day.

Instead, we’ve got Thai soldier Weeraphon Sukudom saving a tiny weeny puppy from death after he found him in a flooded garage. The video has rightly gone viral, as this man is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all rolled into one - by that I mean he is the greatest superhero to ever have lived.

Here’s the video, I will shut up now:

Damn, that was distressing. Good job we told you how it ends before you started watching. Someone get this man a medal.


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