Teen uses Rodney Trotter's ID to get into pub


While we would never condone the act of faking your way into a drinking establishment, we would at least recommend using a realistic, non-sitcom character based ID.

This golden rule was bizarrely and bravely ignored by an underage drinker who used Only Fools and Horses character Rodney's ID to blag his way into the Newquay Arms.

The inexperienced criminal was believed to have bought the fake driving licence online for just £2.99 and had hoped it would secure him entry to the local pubs but the perturbed door staff weren't convinced.

The manager asked him for his age, which he claimed was 24 yet the ID would have made him 52 years old.

He scarpered before police arrived, luckily avoiding a potential prison sentence of two years.

[via Daily Mail]

(Image: SWNS)


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