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Teen burglar writes unrepentant letter to victim

Douchebag of the year?

Teen burglar writes unrepentant letter to victim
24 November 2011

Okay so you're 16, you've burgled a house and you've been caught. You're put on a court order for a year and enrolled in a rehabilitation scheme.

You're ordered to write a letter to your victim, apologising for what you've done. You comply and hope that your remorse will help your case, right? Right?

Apparently, depressingly not. When given the chance to make up for what he did wrong, the teenage delinquent decided to dig his own grave a little bit deeper instead.

The poorly spelt letter takes a surprisingly aggressive tone, blaming the victim for their lack of security measures. It's been released by West Yorkshire Police to warn families about burglaries during the festive period.

The burglar in question stole a PlayStation 3 console, camera, camcorder, two TVs and two speakers from a home in Leeds. Due to the content of the letter, it hasn't been forwarded onto the victim.

You can read the letter below:

(Image: Rex Features)