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Taylor Swift has just released her music on Spotify and people think it's for the pettiest reason

Finally we can get our Taylor fix for free

Taylor Swift has just released her music on Spotify and people think it's for the pettiest reason
09 June 2017

It’s amazing what good can be achieved via spite.

Yes, you’re supposed to do good things for good reasons. To help people because of your selflessness and empathy for people. It’s nice when doing the right thing and your moral code line up. But also, sometimes it’s great when you get to do something nice *and* pie off someone you hate.

Which is why we imagine Taylor Swift is feeling pretty sweet right now.

This Friday, Taylor Swift’s management announced they would bringing the singer songwriter’s entire back catalogue back to streaming services after a three-year absence. Taylor originally pulled her music from streaming services in 2014 after commenting streaming services like Spotify didn’t compensate artists fairly.

She eventually relented and put her music on behind premium services like Tidal and Apple Music, but if you wanted to listen to Taylor Swift for “free” you were all out of luck. Until Friday: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal - it’s all there. All for your enjoyment. All for you to shake it off to.

The official line is Taylor Swift is releasing all this music to celebrate her album 1989 selling 10 million copies.

But the probable, petty, spiteful reason for releasing all that music, has to do with one Ms. Katy Perry…

For the uninitiated, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been feuding since 2013, when dancers on Swift's Red tour jumped ship to join Katy on her Prismatic tour.

Since then the pair have had thinly veiled swipes at each other, doing all manner of tactical fouls trying to trip each other up.

So why did Taylor Swift release all of her music on Friday? Because that happens to be the release date of Katy Perry’s new album, Wild.

Releasing all of your music to the masses, just to spite your biggest rival on her big day? That’s how you do the right thing out of spite...