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Tarantino Locations On Google Maps

Tarantino Locations On Google Maps

Tarantino Locations On Google Maps
19 November 2014

Quentin Tarantino is a very particular man. His films are carefully and artfully constructed from the music to the smartly embedded references to other movies.

It therefore makes sense that location would also play a huge part in his process. His films are very much tied to a sense of place and if, like us, you have a fascination with getting just a little bit closer to the worlds which he creates, we've taken a global Google tour and found some of his best locations.

You'll need to add blood and 60s music yourself though.


Bistrot La Renaissance, 112 Rue Championnet, 75018 Paris, France

From:Inglourious Basterds

The scene when: Shoshanna reads her book and drinks her wine before getting approached by Frederick Zoller

5508 Atlas St, Los Angeles, California

From:Kill Bill: Volume One

The scene when: The Bride arrives to kill Vernita Green

Texas Chili Parlor, 1461 Lavaca St, Austin, Texas

From:Death Proof

The scene when: Jungle Julia and the girls go out for the night and meet Stuntman Mike

Pat & Lorraine's Coffee Shop, 2285 Ridgeview Ave, Los Angeles, California

From:Reservoir Dogs

The scene when: The gang have breakfast and discuss Like A Virgin

11813 Runnymede Street, Los Angeles, California

From:Pulp Fiction

The scene when: Butch runs back to his apartment to retrieve his father's watch

Rae's Restaurant, 2297 Yorkshire Avenue, Santa Monica, California

From:True Romance

The scene when: Clarence and Alabama enjoy some pie

Calvary Baptist Church, 198th St. East, Lancaster, California

From:Kill Bill: Volume Two

The scene when: The wedding massacre occurs

Evergreen Plantation, 4649 Louisiana 18 Edgard, Louisiana

From:Django Unchained

The scene when: Django and Schultz arrive at Big Daddy's plantation to track the Brittle Brothers