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There's now proof that swearing makes you physically stronger

Of course it fucking does

There's now proof that swearing makes you physically stronger

If you’ve ever stubbed a toe, completed a hard workout or had a really, really annoying boss, you’ll already know how satisfying a good swear can be. And now ACTUAL SCIENCE has your back, with a new study revealing that swearing can actually boost your physical strength.

Participants in the Keele University study were asked to repeat either a swear or non-swear word while they exercised or performed a “hand grip test”. The tests were repeated twice – once with swearing, once without. 

Those who fucked and shitted their way through the cycling test had a rise in power of 24 watts compared to when they repeated a neutral word – and during the hand grip test, strength was improved by the equivalent of 2.1kg.



Richard Stephens, who led the study, said that the research suggests there “are benefits from swearing” – but that they still have no idea why. No ‘fight or flight’ arousal was recorded during the study, and Stephens says more work will need to be done to investigate exactly why swearing has such a potent effect on the body. This is likely to build on previous work undertaken by the team, which found that people could put up with pain for 50% longer if they were swearing. 

So if anyone tells you off for your foul mouth, they can fuck off – science says so.