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Super Mario Wonder looks like old-school Mario on magic mushrooms

There's a new Mario game coming and it's an homage to old-school Mario.

Super Mario Wonder looks like old-school Mario on magic mushrooms

Mario is going back to its roots for its latest game Super Mario Wonder, a 2D platformer that has the look and feel of the New Super Mario Bros series.

Like the rest of you, we are big fans of Super Mario Odyssey - a game which brought Mario kicking and screaming into a 3D world, allowing for open-ish play with its sandbox-style gameplay. But we also love a bit of 2D Mario, so the announcement of Super Mario Wonder has gotten us all giddy with excitement.

The game was shown off at Nintendo Direct and it looks like it plays like Mario of old, except with a huge graphics upgrade and a psychedelic twist.

This twist comes in the form of some new power-ups which, when consumed, change the landscape around Mario into a mind-melting world, where pipes start wriggling, rotund cows try and crush Mario and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things happen. Oh, and at one point Mario turns into a bloody elephant.

We can't be the only one who got flashbacks to being in a field a 3am in the morning watching this thing.

Super Mario Wonder was part of a slew of new announcements from Nintendo this week, many of which had a distinct Mario flavor.

There was also the news that Super Mario RPG is getting a remake. This SNES game, which is a collaboration with the makers of Final Fantasy, is getting remastered and will come with a visual upgrade.

There's also a new Wario game where the angry arch-rival to Mario will shout at you throughout a number of mini-games. It's called Wario Ware Move It! and it looks similar to Mario Party, but for up to three friends online (or two-player local co-op).

There were also two Pokemon games announced: Detective Pikachu is getting a sequel, Detective Pikachu Returns and there will be some DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Most of the games highlighted above will be available October/November on the Nintendo Switch.