8 ways to de-stress when you leave the office (according to successful CEOs)

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How do CEOs chill out?

Is your work stressing you out? Do you suffer from regular job anxiety? Here’s some advice on staying sane under pressure from successful businessmen

The never ending list of unread emails, the constant buzz of messages to your phone, four million meetings, late nights and a to-do list which just won’t shrink no matter how much you cross off it. The job of a CEO may have it’s perks but you can bet it is stressful.

So what do these CEO’s do to relax and zen out when they’re not working? 

Nostalgic gaming

How do CEOs chill out? 1

Tom Blomfield, CEO of digital bank Monzo 

“I play Age Of Empires with my brother. We played it as kids, 15 or 20 years ago. It occupies so much of your mind that it’s impossible to think about anything else. You have to concentrate really hard, so there’s no space for worrying.”

Running and triathlons

How do CEOs chill out? 2

John Eckbert, CEO of Five Guys UK 

“When I lived in the US, I ran marathons and did triathlons. Now I’m a gym rat and an adrenaline-junkie. I love being outside and doing any extreme sport – preferably a competitive one. Otherwise I’m reading, mostly non-fiction. I recommend Red Notice by Bill Browder.”

Guitar jangling

How do CEOs chill out? 3

Will Broome, CEO of shopping app Ubamarket 

“As someone who thrives while working a million miles a minute with a to-do list that’s never to-done, I have an acoustic guitar by my desk. I grab it for a quick three-minute strum where I’m momentarily Jon Bon Jovi amid a sea of adoring fans.” 

Race car driving

How do CEOs chill out? 4

Karim Kaddoura, co-founder of car rental service Virtuo 

“Believe it or not, in my downtime I actually get behind the wheel again. I’ve been racing since I was a young kid and it has allowed me to build an amazing network of friends. A day at the track is a great way to catch up socially but also harness competitiveness.“

Learning Language

How do CEOs chill out? 5

James Benamor, founder of the Richmond Group 

“The Dalai Lama says that sleep is the best meditation, and getting at least eight hours is huge for my wellbeing and effectiveness. To prevent lying awake and avoid overthinking, I memorise foreign language vocabulary using an app that one of our investment companies is building.”

 Surfing and skiing

How do CEOs chill out? 6

Ryan Prince, CEO of property brand UNCLE 

“If I can get away, my happy place is in the mountains. For years I went heli-skiing in Canada, where I’m from, but now I have young kids, I’ve ditched that and I’m learning how to surf instead. No phones; out in nature; total focus. These are my favourite ways to relax.”

 Dog Cuddling

How do CEOs chill out? 7

Steve Bartlett, CEO of marketing agency Social Chain 

“High-stress men have complex lives, so one thing that relaxes me is looking at how simple my dog’s life is. I have a French bulldog called Pablo and all he cares about is chewing plastic bottles. When I spend time with Pablo, who has a very simple life, it simplifies everything for me.”

 Long Boarding

How do CEOs chill out? 8

Rupert Rixon, founder of digital agency Perspective Pictures

“I love longboarding; it’s been a passion for years and it’s a great way to escape from the work mindset. It’s challenging, which means no matter how good you are, another fall’s just around the corner. You gather yourself and get back up. It’s humbling.”

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