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"Steven Seagal killed my puppy"

Hollywood ass-kicker could face court

"Steven Seagal killed my puppy"
01 September 2011

He's killed terrorists, kung-fu experts and at least one unarmed mobster.

But that was all in the movies. Has Steven Seagal actually killed a puppy? An American man certainly thinks so and is suing the actor over the death of his beloved pooch.

Jesus Llovera wants $25,000 (£15,000) in compensation and a written apology from Big Steve after the martial arts legend burst into his home to hunt down an illegal cockfighting ring as part of his reality TV show: Steven Seagal: Lawman

Mr Llovera claims that during the raid deputies from the Maricopa County sheriff's office shot and killed his 11-month-old pup, but officers have denied it. "That's a fabrication. That is just a bunch of crap," chief deputy David Trombi rather unprofessionally told ABC News.

While Llovera’s bent on taking them to task, he’s willing to drop his suit should Seagal come to his property to say sorry to him and his children. Wonder if they'd film that.

Image: Rex