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Steal a Banksy

...without getting caught

Steal a Banksy

Now, call us old-fashioned, but we've always thought that stealing is not something to be encouraged.

This lesson might have been learnt after an ill-advised attempt to nab a sherbet dib-dab back in the day. Or because we just have good morals. Yeah, that one.

So, consider us somewhat bemused, but also excited, by this new campaign.

A challenge has been set by the Art Series Hotel Group in Australia: if you can find a signed and authenticated print of Banksy's 'No Ball Games' and steal it without getting caught, then it's yours. Oh and it's worth $15,000AU (£9,674).

It all kicks off this week but the print will be moving from hotel to hotel over the next month. For all Melbourne residents/ambitious travellers, here's your first clue:

Steal Banksy from Art Series Hotels on Vimeo.

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