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Star Wars travel guide

Star Wars travel guide

Star Wars travel guide

A long time ago (the 70s) in a country far, far away (Tunisia), a dusty band of Americans pitched up at a hotel in the town of Matmata with a request to shoot some scenes for an ambitious space western. The film could do their PR the world of good.

The Hotel Sidi Driss, known to almost every sci-fi fan in the galaxy as the Lars Family Homestead, is just one of the many real world locations woven into the fabric of the Star Wars universe. Four continents have leant the identities of 23 locations, from quiet woodlands to sprawling deserts, to help George Lucas and co create eight vibrant planets more familiar than Mars.

As we blast our way toward J J Abram's next Force-filled adventure, The Official Star Wars Fact File has decided to fill some time with this excellent travel guide, providing details on each of the locations to appear in the saga. Feel welcome to join us for a stroll around Hertfordshire's Whippendell Woods - we're going to see if we can find a certain Jar Jar to bully.

(Images: Rex; Star Wars Fact File)


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