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Somehow the world has only just discovered this very useful iPhone calculator hack

It's the little things in life

Somehow the world has only just discovered this very useful iPhone calculator hack
05 May 2017

If, like me, you’re incapable of mentally solving the most basic mathematical equation – and your consumer technology preference is fruit-based – then you no doubt find yourself regularly reaching for your iPhone’s trusty in-built calculator. 

The Snapchats and Shazams of this world may claim the lion’s share of attention, but the calculator is the unsung hero – the James Milner – of your app arsenal, always there at the presentation of an extremely complicated restaurant bill that everyone in your 15-person party wants to contribute individually towards, or when you’re desperately trying to prove to your better half that actually you can afford a 4K TV this month so let’s get down to Argos shall we?

But if there is one problem with using a buttonless calculator it’s that it’s even easier to make a mistake. Accidentally jab an additional “4” and your four-stage equation is well and truly fucked. Irreparably fucked, because there’s no delete button… OR SO WE BLOODY THOUGHT.

A Twitter user by the name of @censoredialogue has pointed out a supremely handy hack that, somehow, at least 33,000 people seemingly weren’t previously aware of. 


Swiping on your calculation performs a backspace, meaning you can rid the screen of any rogue numbers without having to start again. It doesn’t look like this feature is anything new, but clearly the memo didn’t reach everyone. Thank you @censoredialouge, a knight in shining armour to clumsy mathematicians everywhere.