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Single page book posters

Single page book posters

Single page book posters
08 April 2014

The book is dying. No, we're not forecasting the demise of literature, just the format of the printed novel.

With hardbacks nearing extinction, paperbacks deep in battle with ereaders and librarians jumping at the slightest page turn, book fans could do with some good news. And we have some. Or rather, some good posters.

The brilliant works of Spineless Classics see a book's entire text presented on a single sheet, silhouetting iconic characters and motives from the novels in their layout. Shakespearean staples (even a monstrous version of his complete works) and tomes from the literary canon have been joined by the recently released print of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.

Head over to the Spineless Classics site to browse more than 100 of the single page works. Click on the poster to see an enlarged version.

(Images: Spineless Classics)