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The greatest lines in our interviews, 2011

14 December 2011

1. “I don’t know why he’s called Boots and I didn’t think I’d like him, but I f*cking love this cat. I f*cking love him. I keep telling him, ‘I f*cking love you.’” Noel Gallagher on his newest family member.

2. “Reality TV shows. I really hate them. Full of f*cking mediocre f*cking wannabes. And we see enough misery in the newspapers every day without having to tune in to some poor c*nt boiling an egg in EastEnders. Oh f*ck off, there’s so much misery around. F*ck off. We’re addicted to misery in this country. F*cking EastEnders.” Elton John sits on the fence.

3. “No. Although that night I did do heroin.” James Franco laughs off the rumours about being stoned at the Oscars.

4. “I’m going through a Milli Vanilli phase right now. I watch the videos in awe. The concept blows my mind.” The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas reveals his musical inspirations.

5. “I misplaced my World Championship medals for months. It’s bad news when you can’t find your medals. But then I figured that I could just go win some more.” Usain Bolt decides modesty isn’t an option for him.

6. “I’m going to go out and play a classic album next year but it’ll be my f*cking new one. Not one from 20 years ago.” Paul Weller takes aim at nostalgia culture.

7. “She’s a five out of 10. I just know her as ‘Stupid Face Karen’. Men love her, don’t they? But she’s just so ridiculous.” Matt Smith rates his co-star Karen Gillan.

8. “Well, I’ll tell you what — you wait until you hear Noel’s music because that ain’t gonna be Oasis either. It might remind you of it but there’ll be something missing. And what’ll be missing is f**king me.” Liam Gallagher dismisses his brother’s solo credentials.