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She-Hulk: Alison Brie name checked for latest Disney Plus show (rumour)

This comes as fan favourite Stephanie Beatriz effectively rules herself out.

She-Hulk: Alison Brie name checked for latest Disney Plus show (rumour)
Marc Chacksfield
25 February 2020

One of the biggest things (literally) revealed for Disney Plus was the news that there would be a She-Hulk TV series.

Announced at D23 Expo last year by Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, the show is set to follow lawyer Jennifer Walters and her hulking alter ego, who gets shot and needs a blood transfusion. The person to give her blood: her cousin... Bruce Banner.

When She-Hulk was announced, no details were given about casting but it was thought to start shooting in the summer of 2020. Now we are getting closer to that date, rumours are starting to appear, with the biggest name so far mooted being Alison Brie. Kind of.

Renowned Marvel news leaker Daniel Richtman (via ComicBookMovie) retweeted news that Marvel was looking for an "Alison Brie type" for casting, but no one has actually been approached yet.

While that sounds like an exciting prospect - and would add another Community alumni to the MCU - some fans have been set seeing Brooklyn 99's Stephanie Beatriz in the role, but she has effectively ruled herself out, Tweeting that the schedule is likely to clash with her filming that series.

She-Hulk isn't set to land on Disney Plus until 2022 so there is still plenty of time to speculate on who will be the titular character - and given WandaVision and Loki both have A-list actors starring in their shows, we wouldn't put it past Marvel to get someone like Brie in to head up the show.

The good news for UK folks is that Disney Plus is set to land 24 March and there is currently a big discount on the service right now - if you buy a year's subscription, you pay just £50, which in under £5 a month!

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