Sequences quiz explanations


Flummoxed? The reasons behind the answers shall be revealed.

Sequence quiz answers…

1. 1000 - The next number is made by cubing where it is in the pattern

2. Effort – Following the double a in aardvark; the double b in abbey; the double c in accept etc…

3. Blue – This completes the list of colour-themed characters in Reservoir Dogs.

4. 47 – They are prime numbers.

5. Stamford – Was where Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts was born, completing the list of each member’s place of birth. Sarah Harding (Ascot); Kimberly Walsh (Bradford); Nadine Coyle (Derry); Cheryl Tweedy (Newcastle).

6. 1,706 – To reach this number you need to multiply each number in the list by four and add two. IE 1x4+2=6; 6x4+2=26; etc…

7. Zeta – This is the next letter in the Greek alphabet.

8. Paraguay – Like Argentina, Chile, the Falkland Islands and Guyana it is located in South America.

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