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Scientists have replaced a man's prosthetic arm with a Nerf gun and it's awesome

Better than an arm? Quite possibly

Scientists have replaced a man's prosthetic arm with a Nerf gun and it's awesome
14 March 2018

Engaging in a Nerf war with others is a fun pastime in which I have, myself, indulged in the past. Granted, I was a small child, but it was fun nonetheless (much like everything was when we were children). However, if you are fighting in a Nerf war but you only have one arm, it makes things a tad more difficult…

Luckily, a bunch of science nerds from Hackerloop noticed this when playing with their mate Nicholas Huchet, who is missing his right arm. As such, they came up with the very ‘80s sci-fi/horror movie idea of replacing his prosthetic with a giant Nerf gun, to make things a) easier, and b) way cooler.

Essentially, they hacked an existing Nerf Swarmfire blaster and attached it to a custom 3D printed shell, before doing lots of technical things that even a man with my simply massive brain volume would find mighty difficult to understand.

Somehow (due to magic, I think; it must be magic), they attached three electrodes to Huchet’s upper forearm, which are triggered when he tenses the muscles, thereby sending a signal to a micro-controller which in turn fires the gun. This is something from Robocop, from Army Of Darkness, from Planet Terror, and I absolutely love it.

Here’s a video of it in action: 

Like, I really want one now, but I’m not sure I’m willing to go through the full preparation to get one. 

Maybe. I’ll have a little think.