'Oi d*ckheads': Ronnie Pickering is back in another sweary rant video


Road users beware: Ronnie Pickering is back.

Remember the name? You should – after launching a verbal tirade at a moped rider who had the audacity not to know who he was six months ago, Pickering went viral, becoming the subject of endless memes to show just what a silly man he is.

And his brief internet fame hasn’t deterred him, with fresh footage emerging of a new fracas involving the road rage enthusiast.

This time, however, Pickering appears to be trying to be the good guy, filming footage of himself berating a shopping centre car park official for speaking to an elderly couple of parking on a double yellow lines. Trouble is, he’s not exactly the most unflappable of peacemakers. In fact he's about as flappable as flappable gets.

Racking up quite the expletive count – he calls the man a dickhead a staggering nine times in one-minute –  the fight-y driver says: “The poor sods are in the 80s and he f*cks off sharpish and wanted his gang. How or why would you do this to old people? I really wanted to smash this guy.”

In fairness to the parking official, he is just doing his job, something that involves checking that people don't park on double yellow lines without proper papers. And he wasn't actually going to fine them, but, whatever, Pickering does what he wants.

If anyone can come up with a remix half as good as this DMX one, we’re in for a treat.