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Ricky Gervais finally makes his peace with God in the most hilarious way

We never thought we'd see the day

Ricky Gervais finally makes his peace with God in the most hilarious way
08 May 2018

He doesn’t like to mention it, but Ricky Gervais is an atheist.

OK, scratch that, Ricky does like to mention it, regularly tweeting his beliefs about religion:

And why not? 

He once explained to Variety that becoming famous was “no reason to not still give your opinion and tell the truth. It’s never worried me to have a popular or unpopular view. One of my favorite tweets I’ve ever got said, ‘Everyone’s entitled to believe what they want, so shut up about your atheism.’”

But, after a lifetime’s conflict with the big man - or, rather a lifetime’s mockery of the idea of him existing - out of nowhere came a (real) revelation:

Gervais tweeting: “I made my peace with God.”

What? One of the world’s most famous and vocal atheists suddenly performing the ultimate volte-face? This would be like Cliff Richard announcing that he was now a worshipper of Satan.

Surely not? Well, this is what happened:

Excellent stuff.

The Tweet of God account is, of course, run by US comedy writer David Javerbaum who actually used the account as the basis for his play An Act of God which has twice run on Broadway rather than, y’know, actually being God’s Twitter account. Perhaps, if he does exist, Javerbaum is his spokesman on earth. After all, he does move in mysterious ways.

The hilarious exchange didn’t go down well with everyone though:

You can’t win ‘em all eh God?

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