Redditors are telling strange tales about their first visit to the US


Have you heard of Donald Trump? Little-known guy. A bit racist. Really orange fake tan. Fly away pile-of-straw-that's-been-set-on-fire-and-then-doused-in-water hair? Yeah, him. Well he's - and you might not have heard - running to be the President of the United States.

If anything ever summed up just how crazy things can get across the pond, it's that. No more evidence needed. But because it's fun (and because seriously, we need answers) Redditors are currently sharing their weirdest stories about visiting the States. Check out the best below.

Yeah but do you?

Rest in pieces, fellow Brit

"Are you a terrorist?" "No" "Cool"

This is the only legitimate reason to say, "God bless America"

Crikey, mate

Wait... what?

Trump, if you want to make America great again - this is where you start


Lead the way

Better than dirty socialism though, eh guys?! EH!

Americans right now: "I don't get it? What's weird about that?"

Wait a second... amendment

In all fairness, why do you?

And we wonder how Trump is winning

Right. Yes

If it's so wrong why does it feel so right?

At least they don't have to pledge allegiance to it. That'd be weird, right? Right?

Is it wrong to admire this man?

Amazon search: nightlights

We're noticing a pattern