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What's it like to come back from the dead? This Reddit thread will tell you

Twenty-eight people tell us what it's like to approach the pearly gates

What's it like to come back from the dead? This Reddit thread will tell you
05 February 2018

The only certainties in life are death and taxes. The difference being we live through paying our tax, and we know what happens after we’ve paid them (not a lot, because we’re broke). Death though, however certain, remains the great mystery - or at least it did until this Reddit thread told us that it’s probably not as bad as we might fear.

All the respondents answered the question ‘People of Reddit who have momentarily died and then were revived, what were those fleeting moments like?’ and, after reading them all, we’ve reached some conclusions, mainly that it’s a lot more peaceful than you might imagine, you’re probably vomiting up blood beforehand, and listening to some of the stories of what happened in the moments between life and death is a bit like listening to that bloke in the office who always tells you about his dreams. Plus, there isn’t one mention of meeting Morgan Freeman which is pretty disappointing. 

Here are some of the best responses:

’TheDeadManWalks’likens it to hitting the snooze button, then realising you’ve got shit to do:

It could cause your sense of humour to decline rapidly:

You might want to shell out a bit more on your choice of dentist after reading this from ‘Axesta’:

With your luck you’d be stood with this guy boring you with this story about his dream where he met his grandad in the great beyond:

You might not even get a day off school for dying:

’Schneidah7’has cheated death twice and had someone save his life each time, the twist being one was his brother, who had passed away some years before:

This guy has been watching too many Christopher Nolan films:

’MonitorMonkey’confirms that you should always trust your instincts if you get a bad feeling about something:

’Twistediniquity’recalled feeling like they were being sucked into a black hole, which doesn’t sound terrifying at all:

’Idiedforabit’(who, with a name like that surely just scours the internet waiting for threads like this to crop up) shares a dystopian vision of an abandoned playground and a force trying to make him stay there:

If you died through being impaled by a stake as a child, you’d probably describe death as ‘fucking comfy’ as well:

This story proves that your mum always knows best (and can quite literally save your life):

’Thewelshpill’tells a story where it’s difficult to tell if they were actually dead or just tripping (as a side note, 25l-NBOMe is a powerful psychedelic hallucinogen):

’John_dune’managed to get himself onto the Millennium Falcon in the time he was dead, which seems plausible. In, addition, this is the scariest story we’ve ever read about an ingrowing toenail:

(Image: Pexels)