These ultra-realistic insect graffiti works are absolutely incredible/terrifying

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These ultra-realistic insect graffiti works are absolutely incredible/terrifying

Prepare to have your mind blown by Portugal based street artist Segio Odeith, a human who is far more talented than you or anybody you know

Graffiti - sometimes good, sometimes bad. Mostly bad, in fact. But when it’s good, it’s real good - like, it’s the kind of thing that boggles the mind to the bin and back. 

How, pray tell, has this person managed to create a stunning piece of art, on a goddamn wall, using a sodding spray can? It makes no sense, unless you possess the very same skill yourself.

But even those well-versed in the technique must still find their mind in meltdown when faced with the wall-based works of Sergio Odeith. The Portugal-based street artist creates hyper-realistic graffiti using spray paint and is an internationally recognised artist thanks to his amazingly lifelike style that he refers to as “Sombre 3-D”

This is truly impressive (and terrifying) stuff, and there’s really not much more to say other than, “Look at this and prepare for the floor to absolutely deck your chin”: 

Huh???? They’re 3D? How does it work? Is it magic?

Well, if you can believe it, it works like this:

Odeith told BuzzFeed:

“The biggest trick — it’s all about the light and the shadows — depending on where you put them, the piece will create more impact and really pop out from the wall. Sometimes I just use a random image, other times I sketch something that will fit on the place.”

We disagree. It’s magic.

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(Images: @odeith)


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