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This guy's brilliant rap for his internship application is going viral

Now this is how to stand out from the crowd

This guy's brilliant rap for his internship application is going viral

We get it guys: it’s like the Hunger Games out there if you’re under 30 in the modern world.

You can’t buy a house, there are no jobs and everyone takes university really seriously, instead of spending three years boozing and watching The Big Lebowski, in order to stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting one of the new jobs that are available, which will probably be on a zero hours contract.

But what can you do? Complain? No one’s listening guys. No one cares. The only solution? Get busy, get hustlin’ and get inventive.

Like graphic designer Dawayne Kirkland, who is going viral after writing a rap for his internship application to VaynerMedia.

He’s taken the track ‘DNA’ from Kendrick Lamar’s most recent record DAMN. and reworked the lyrics to highlight his experience, skills, strengths - and also to poke fun at himself a little too. And it’s really good, featuring as it does the rather excellent lyric, ‘If you’re Pennywise, then you’ll realise I’m really it’.

Take a look here:

It’s had over a million views already, so if VaynerMedia don’t want him, we’re sure somewhere else out there will.

Mind you, if he does get it, it’s still only an internship, which probably means he’s not getting paid.

Depressing, but that’s just the way it is, we guess.

Hmmm, maybe he should cover that next…