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Pothole surprises

Be careful what you're driving over

Pothole surprises
01 June 2011

Apart from that time when you found a £2 coin in one, you've generally lambasted the very existence of potholes. They make you trip up, they make cycling hard and fixing them involves loud and intrusive roadworks.

So, you can imagine our distaste at the thought of a set of photos dedicated to just potholes. Like they deserve that amount of attention.

Thankfully, the 'My Potholes' series is here and it's great and we like to think of it as giving potholes the finger. Claudia Ficca & Davide Luciano have given the unsightly road ditches a number of different uses, all more worthwhile than "causing people to fall over".

From housing plants to frying donuts to giving women in red swimsuits a reason to run down the street, we'd happily see all potholes receive similar makeovers.

You can see more here.