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People are sharing their worst pool dives and it's absolutely hilarious

If you need a good laugh, look no further

People are sharing their worst pool dives and it's absolutely hilarious

Every four years (don’t pretend it’s any more frequent than that), we tune in in our droves to watch the beautiful, elegant glorious spectacle that is the Olympic diving. We become blasé about the whole thing before long, criticising the slightest error in technique or timing from these incredible fine-tuned athletes operating at the peak of their physical power.

So perhaps it’s good to be reminded that - actually - diving isn’t actually that easy. Or, for the majority of cases, really not elegant.

As so often these days, it started with a tweet. A tweet that I guarantee will deliver everything it promises and more.

Just watch this.

I wasn’t lying was I?

But this is not the story of a solitary tweet, because this simple act of sharing something unbelievably hilarious for the benefit of others led to an, ahem, flood of other hapless swimmers sharing their diving disasters. And my God there’s some absolute classics in here.


Bellyflops ahoy!

Didn’t even get airborne:

Honestly, this is all about the build up:

Just amazing:

Need sound for this one:

So graceful:


This one has an incredibly satisying thud:

So much brilliance in one thread. May we fail at diving for ever more.

(Image: AllStar)