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Confused by the DUP and Northern Irish politics? You need to watch Ali G explain

"Sinn Fein. What's the vibe?"

Confused by the DUP and Northern Irish politics? You need to watch Ali G explain

In the immediate aftermath of Thursday’s shock hung parliament election result, the immediate question was: what on earth will happen next?

The answer quickly became clear as Theresa May – scrabbling around for support to try and form a majority after carelessly tossing aside the one she already had – made overtures to the DUP, the ultra-conservative Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, for them to form a coalition with her, adding their 10 seats to hers.

Cue an immediate spike in Google searches for ‘who are the DUP’ and people in Britain quickly taking a crash course in Northern Irish politics.

People suddenly began reading up on the current political issues in Northern Ireland, researching the Good Friday Agreement and trying to work out how Theresa May will balance the requirements of the UK government to be impartial mediators whilst also being in power with one side of the two opposing sides in the country.

But really, we needn’t have bothered, because Ali G had it all worked out years ago.

In the wake of the DUP’s sudden prominence in UK politics, people are sharing this classic segment of Sacha Baron Cohen’s famous comedy character, filmed back in the early days of the character when he was a part of Channel 4’s 11 O’Clock Show, when he goes to Northern Ireland to interview prominent figures from Sinn Fein, the Orange Order and – yes – the DUP, with East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson, one of those ten with the fate of the Tory government in their hands, featuring in an hilarious interview.

Watch and learn people.

(Image: Rex)