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10 political Twitter accounts that won't bore you to tears

10 political Twitter accounts that won't bore you to tears

10 political Twitter accounts that won't bore you to tears

President Barack Obama is much better at Twitter than you. 

Or rather, he is if you view the main 'aim' of the social media tool as the shallow, egocentric pursuit of amassing as many followers as possible. 

Having signed up to Twitter on 18 May, Obama set a new record for reaching the one million follower mark - gaining the number in a staggering five hours and comprehensively smashing Robert Downey Jr's record of 24 hours.

The President of the US has Tweeted before, but only via the staff-operated accounts of the @WhiteHouse and @BarackObama. As of writing, he's only sent four tweets from his new @POTUS account, already managing to engage in some good-natured grilling of one @billclinton:

Quite the zinger, Mr President. 

Given Obama's official arrival on Twitter, we felt it an appropriate time to round up the other international politicians and commentators who won't bore you to tears with their feeds. Expect odd facts, ridiculous rants and something a little more interesting than "life in the constituency" updates.

President Barack Obama

Handle: @POTUS

Why? The social media record breaker has already shown of some razor sharp wit. Bound to become more outspoken as he reaches the end of his final term and moves beyond the White House.

George Galloway

Handle: @GeorgeGalloway

Why? A small box of fireworks would appear to accompany the UK Respect Party leader wherever he wanders. Whether it's outrageous comments or scathing attacks on the right/left/centre, there's never a dull week in his feed.

Louise Mensch

Handle: @LouiseMensch

Why? The former MP for Corby, Mensch is strong on feminist opinion and Conservative sensibilities, capable of entertaining a Twitter debate with the best of them. You don't want to get on the wrong side of Mensch.

Owen Jones

Handle: OwenJones84

Why? With opinions as fresh as his face, The Guardian's Owen Jones has given Whitehall commentary a shot in the arm of late, making younger audiences more politically aware and bucking against the system without being too radical. His unswerving approach to dealing with arguments - be it on BBC's Question Time or in the pages of this very magazine - is also bloody entertaining. That goes for his Tweets, too.

Stella Creasy

Handle: @stellacreasy

Why? The Labour & Co-op MP for Walthamstow is currently running for the party's deputy leadership - but its her views on equality and no-nonsense chat you'll want to follow her for. 

Tom Watson

Handle: @Tom_Watson

Why? Another Labour tweeter, Watson is MP for West Bromwich East. Currently running for Labour deputy leader, Watson is also known for sharing thoughts on his love of music, having previously picked out impressive rock duo Drenge "before they were big".

Miranda Sawyer

Handle: @msmirandasawyer

Why? A wet finger in the political air, Sawyer describes herself as 'Professional Gobshite' - but she's better than that. Writer for The Observer and The Mirror, Sawyer throws her considerable wit and opinions around with thoughtless abandon, always generating something worth following. 

Jonathan Martin

Handle: @jmartNYT

Why? As the National Political Correspondent for The New York Times, Jonathan Martin provides constant updates on the sprawling, media-driven machine that is the American political machine. Useful for dipping your toe into US current affairs.

Sarah Palin

Handle: @SarahPalinUSA

Why? Remember Sarah Palin? The Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee is still an interesting touch-stone for what some within the Republican Party view as a normal, upstanding political character. Heaps of potential for "Did she just say that?" reads. 


Handle: @FiveThirtyEight

Why? The home of Nate Silver - the man who disrupted baseball with his player forecast statistical model, and went on to do the same with American politics. One of the best political blogs in the world, this account tweets on a range of subjects, including science, sports, life and politics.