Peter Serafinowicz's sassy Trump is glorious


Have we been getting Donald Trump wrong this whole time?

Could it be that the presidential candidate’s repeated racist and small-minded comments are simply a byproduct of being cursed with so much sass he doesn’t know what to do with it all?

Imagining just what it sounds like when you take away the man's bombastic nature, Peter Serafinowicz has been re-dubbing Trump's speeches with a slightly higher pitched voice to make all the nonsense sound more ridiculous than usual. Simple, effective, hilarious, the comic has been posting these small clips onto the YouTube channel Trump Dubs for a while, but now appears to have reached peak brilliance.

In fact one recent video struck such a chord that even J.K. Rowling took to her Twitter account to share it.

Frankly, we're not sure the White House could even handle this much sass.