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Confirmed: people with personalised number plates are the worst drivers

What did you expect?

Confirmed: people with personalised number plates are the worst drivers
Tom Victor
31 August 2017

There are two types of driver: those with personalised number plates, and those who hate those with personalised number plates.

Sure, not everyone with ‘B4 NTZ’ or ’69 LOL’ on the front and back of their Ford Focus is a stain on human existence, but you probably wouldn’t want them to be your mate.

And would you have it, they’re also worse drivers than you – yes, even you, that guy who doesn’t even drive.

According to research shared by Metro, more than half of those polled who admitted to having personalised plates also said they have been handed a speeding ticket in the last three years.

The 53% figure is high enough in isolation, but it makes them more than six times as likely as those with standard plates (8%) to be pulled over for speeding.

Based on the 2,000 people polled, 14% already have at least one personalised plate, but 49% would absolutely never consider going for one.

Those most likely to have a personalised plate, according to the poll, were BMW and Audi drivers.

We’ve seen plenty of high-profile deals for ‘vanity plates’ in the past, though there’s no suggestion any of the following have been caught speeding.

From a young Andy Gray…

To a slightly older Chris Evans.

Football fans have gone big…

Whereas sometimes you’re fortunate enough for your name to fit.

They’re not all great, though.

I mean, really, Paul. Come on, mate.

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