People are using GIFs to sum up Trump's time in the White House and it's predictably brilliant

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Dave Fawbert

It’s safe to say that, after promising to shake things up if elected president, Donald J. Trump has certainly not let us down.

Disastrous policy rollouts, lies, lies and yet more ‘alternative facts’, press officers hiding in bushes, Russian photographers being let into the White House, FBI directors being sacked in highly suspicious circumstances, comedic meetings with foreign heads of state, sharing classified secrets with Russian officials (what is it with those Russians?); we could go on, but suffice to say barely a day has gone by without Trump upsetting someone or causing a diplomatic incident, giving the overall impression of a five-year-old let loose with a train set and a wrecking ball.

So when NFL player turned director Matthew A. Cherry put out the following tweet:

What was going to follow was inevitably going to be comedy gold.

And so it proved.

Enjoy possibly the finest set of disaster and chaos gifs ever assembled by mankind.

And, of course: