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The winner of last night's debates wasn't May or Corbyn, it was this random man in the crowd

Can we vote for this guy?

The winner of last night's debates wasn't May or Corbyn, it was this random man in the crowd
30 May 2017

Last night’s “Battle for Number 10” show was pretty weird. Everyone expected it to be a bit of a massacre – to see Paxman at his best tearing Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn to shreds. Neither was supposed to leave intact, and yet instead, he was… kind of rubbish?

His tactic seemed to be just shouting very loudly over the top of his interviewee every couple of seconds. He found his form a little more towards the end of his interview with May, but both leaders came away from the evening without any significant damage to their campaign.

As is always the case with these kind of things, everyone who supports Jeremy Corbyn thought he smashed it, while all Theresa May fans saw her as the clear winner. Shocking, I know.

There was a clear winner from the night, though, and it wasn’t Paxman, May or Corbyn. It definitely wasn’t Faisal Islam either, who had to spend the night of his 40th birthday hanging out with politicians and a crowd of strangers. No, the winner from last night was a random man in a blue polo shirt.

While Theresa May was answering a question about NHS cuts, the camera panned to the audience, and he could very clearly be seen to mouth: “Bollocks. That is bollocks” at the prime minister – live on television.

Because come on, that’s the dream isn’t it. No matter which party you support, you can’t deny that it would be really fun to be caught mouthing “that is bollocks” at the prime minister live on television.

In other election debate news, Corbyn accidentally put his middle finger up at one of the audience members while answering a question and it became a bit of a meme, and Theresa May got an extremely awkward one-man standing ovation from a bloke in a blazer.

Anyway, in 10 days this’ll all be over and we might get to spend a few years without any referendums or elections. Probably not though. Probably never again.