Pastor Gives 60 Second Service To Watch Football


There is nothing worse than getting your work schedule, or a family invite, and realising that it clashes with the big game. All you can think about is how you're going to get out of your commitment, but you graciously give in and do your duty.

But one American football fanatic pastor had other ideas about that. Tim Christensen of Gold Hill Lutheran Church in the state of Montana, decided to perform his entire service in one minute, so that he could get away and watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Carolina Panthers in the NFL, which kicked off at the same time.

The express service went down well with the congregation - and was later revealed to be a joke, with a full service being held afterwards. Doubtless quite a few of his flock were secretly hoping he could do it every week. God was probably pretty disappointed too - surely he'd rather be watching the football too?

[via Telegraph]


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