Obama dropped his summer playlist & the internet loved it

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Dave Fawbert

As if we didn't already know it, Obama has been spending the final six months of his Presidency reminding us all that he is the coolest President there has ever been and, most likely, ever will be.

Following last year's 'drop', POTUS has unveiled another song selection for his people to enjoy - and he's blessed us with another two playlists: daytime and nighttime; both filled with an impeccable selection of tracks.

Imagine David Cameron, Theresa May, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton using the word 'drop' in a musical context and it feeling perfectly natural. That's right, you can't.

Here's a full list of the tracks, and a Spotify playlist for each so that you, too, can get down like the President gets down.

Naturally, the internet reacted - and naturally, it was (mainly) high praise for Mr Obama:





We don't know what this means but it's a great gif




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