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Not-so-super powers

Not-so-super powers

Not-so-super powers

Flight. You have to pick flight. The next time someone asks you "What super power would you have?", if you don't say flight, you're just wrong. Or invisibility, at a push. Or super healing... okay, maybe not flight.

Illustrator Kelly Phillips (@kellypcomics) has thought about this quandary longer than most. In her playful series 'Not-so-super Powers', she highlights the pitfalls of various super powers: if you can run at physics-defying speeds like the Flash, surely you'd swallow the occasional fly? Or if your eyes project deadly laser beams like Cyclops, wouldn't that get a touch annoying for prescription eyewear?

Check out Phillips' brilliant series in the gallery bellow. You can find more of her work here.

(Images: Kelly Phillips)

The Flash






The Incredible Hulk


Professor Xavier

Mr Fantastic

Iron Man


By Kelly Phillips