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Nintendo Switch 2 possible release date revealed - and the delay is for a good reason

One of the most talked about releases of 2024 is on the horizon

Nintendo Switch 2 possible release date revealed - and the delay is for a good reason
Danielle de Wolfe
27 February 2024

The release of the Nintendo Switch 2 is among the most talked about console drops to-date.

And now, it appears we may have a release date to pencil in the diary - albeit a bit of a delayed one.

It's for a vitally important reason mind, with the console's release date held back to avoid scalpers offloading devices at hugely inflated prices, according to a new report from Japanese news site, Nikkei.

First launched in 2017 complete with its OLED screen, the Nintendo Switch remains one of the best-selling consoles of all time - and the forthcoming second generation device will be no exception.

It went on to sell a staggering 139 million units worldwide - with the second gen model expected to come close to this.

The level of interest in the first gen design meant the console was appearing on resale sites at hugely inflated prices - we're talking double the original RRP.

The frenzy was so intense that supplies were eventually rationed to stop black market reselling.

That kind of demand is simply no good for those of us hoping to get our mitts on a new console.

This supply and demand dilemma is the same issue that plagued the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X when the new consoles dropped back in 2020.

Nintendo Switch 2 release date revealed - and the delay is for a very important reason

Now, in a bid to combat price inflation and black market trading, Nintendo is hoping to stockpile enough consoles prior to release day in order to serve demand.

In simple terms, that means delaying the date in a bid to hoard consoles.

Speculation has continued to grow in recent weeks where Nintendo's release date was concerned, with the device initially pencilled to drop in 2024.

Now, the release date looks to have been pushed back to at least March 2025 according to the report released by Nikkei.

The report aligns with rumours linked to the new date, with Nintendo expected to have produced some 10 million units by Spring of 2025.

Nikkei's report reads (English translation): 'Nintendo will release a successor to the Nintendo Switch game console in March 2025. Like the Switch, it is expected to be a game console that has the features of both a stationary and portable version.
'Many in the industry expected it to be released in 2024, but we prioritized taking measures to prevent resale and securing an initial stock of successor machines and an assortment of popular software at the time of release.
'The successor model will have a larger screen than the Switch (6.2 inches for the standard model), and will be able to handle games that feature higher-definition image quality.'

We're hoping this date sticks firm, as loyal fans have waiting long enough for this stellar release.