Nick Clegg looked like the saddest boy who ever lived when he lost his seat last night


This morning, Cleggmania is officially over.

Many would say it had been dead a long time after his Lib-Dem party’s 2010 coalition with the Tories left young voters feeling short-changed and a little bit lied to. But now, with the former Deputy Prime Minister’s Sheffield Hallam seat – a seat Clegg has held for TWELVE YEARS – slipping away from him and into the hands of Labour's Jared O'Mara, it’s done. Dunzo. Dead.

And Clegg was sad. Really, really sad. The internet noticed.

And while it's hard to not feel a little bit sorry for a man whose career is now, essentially, mud, people weren't pulling out of any tackles in the aftermath.

No one agrees with Nick anymore.