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Netflix's new show is Fast & Furious, for real

Don’t try this at home

Netflix's new show is Fast & Furious, for real
03 August 2019

If you think reality TV could do with a few more car chases and daring stunts, then Netflix’s latest show should be right up your alley.

Hyperdrive is a reality TV show where 28 wannabe stunt drivers compete to do the kind of stunts that should come with a healthy “do not try this at home” warning attached. Charlize Theron is the executive producer, having already demonstrated a love of cars going beyond the manufacturers’ handbook in films like The Fate of the Furious, The Italian Job and Mad Max: Fury Road.

It’s reality TV, so you know the formula. Episode by episode, the 28 contestants are whittled down to one, who will ultimately be crowned Hyperdrive champion. It’s not clear what the prize is, but the contestants seem to come from all walks of life, with the trailer flashing up a bunch of job titles including truck driver, lumberjack, model, law student and, bafflingly, “millionaire.” We weren’t aware that was a job, but would very much like to be considered for any future openings.

The show will be hosted by Lindsay Czarniak, Rutledge Wood, Mike Hill and Michael Bisping, and follows Netflix’s tradition of appearing almost as soon as the trailer drops. We’d imagine all ten episodes will drop at the same time when it launches on Wednesday 21 August. It may not be fodder for our list of the best Netflix TV shows, but it certainly looks fun...