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These PlayStation games could earn you big money

Still go the box? Good...

These PlayStation games could earn you big money
12 July 2016

Your mum probably complained when you insisted on sticking that bin bag of PlayStation games in the loft. 

"Can't they go to a car boot sale? You'll never play them again - and we need room for the cross trainer your dad doesn't use anymore."

Part of that maternal wisdom was spot on: you'll never play Devil Dice ever again (and dad took the cross trainer to the car boot sale). But thanks to your hoarding tendencies, all those old yellowing PlayStation games could now earn you bigger cash than they've ever been worth. According to, collectors will go nuts for the following ten titles, despite them not being that old.

Finger's crossed you kept the box and instruction book...

Megaman Battle n chase

Estimated price: £70

Megaman X3

Estimated price: £70

Devil Dice

Estimated price: £70

Rapid Reload

Estimated price: £75

Blazing Dragons

Estimated price: £75

Robotron X

Estimated price: £80

Suikoden 2

Estimated price: £95

Jupiter Strike

Estimated price: £110

Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2

Estimated price: £140

Tintin Destination Adventure

Estimated price: £180