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More Mario Propaganda

Bowser needs you

More Mario Propaganda
13 August 2013

Gaming fact: in Nintendo's Donkey Kong of 1981 , Mario's (then Jumpman) first gaming appearance was actually as the bad guy. Having mistreated Kong, the poor ape steals 'the Lady' (Pauline) by way of revenge.

Mario's sinister streak is exaggerated in expert fashion in these new propaganda posters of Fro Design Company. Imagining a world in which Bowser uses WW2-style nationalism to stir up recruits for his goomba and koopa army, the posters are a brilliant re-imagining of the other side of the jolly little Italian plumber's story.

These seven new designs join Fro Design Company's existing series of ten. If you fancy picking up a print you'll need to act fast: only 150 of each poster are available. You can browse of Fro's work here.

(Images: Fro Design Company)