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Nearly half of millennials have never experienced this iconic British tradition

The world is coming to an end

Nearly half of millennials have never experienced this iconic British tradition

I’ll tell you what, the last time I sent a letter was a good coupla years ago - I can’t remember what it was or why I was doing it, but the fact remains: I did it. This is good, and I’m proud of it because it turns out that I might be in the minority. At least for my age-group anyway, because according to research, 43% of millennials have NEVER sent a letter or used snail-mail.

That’s in direct comparison with the 208,000 pictures that are posted to Facebook and the 65,000 Instagram posts. People communicate online instead of in ‘real life’, now, and there’s not much we can do to stop it.

The survey that revealed this incredible fact was carried out by postage company ipostparcels, and it found that the act of popping a letter in the post is unfortunately dying a slow death. It discovered that 77% of people think that sending physical post is a dying art, with behavioural psychologist Dr Saima Latif saying:

“Digital forms of communication often comprise of short phrases, note forms of communication and emojis to express what we mean. Unfortunately, this can also trivialise our relationships and friendships in a superficial manner, rather than strengthening them and giving them more meaning and depth.”

Regardless of this, 81% of the people surveyed said they would feel much more excited to receive something in the post from someone they know (so, like a pair of dirty boxers sent to the nice lady that lives down the road, or something), instead of a text or a social media DM.

Also, according to those surveyed, getting a surprise physical parcel was deemed the most exciting form of communication, so like getting a sweet new pair of boxers in the post for no reason - that kind of thing.

As a result of these findings, to celebrate the frankly ludicrous notion of actually putting something in an envelope and licking it (idiots), ipostparcels are doing one of those ‘celebratory days’ and they’re calling it Post For A Post Day. What they’re doing is offering up 100 codes for free next-day delivery this week, to try and get people to do the old-school thing and pop something in the post, instead of just firing up Whatsapp and chucking across a “K” or a “lol”.

So get yourself a code, and then send someone you know a meaningful parcel, like a big box of crushed snails or a freezer bag of hair or something. People dig stuff like that, I’ve heard. Never had any official feedback, mind, but I’m confident they appreciate it.

(Image: Chris Lawton)