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Someone hand-made a fully working micro SNES

Crafted from clay, this might be even cooler than Nintendo's Classic Mini NES

Someone hand-made a fully working micro SNES
12 September 2016

Nintendo fulfilled the wildest dreams of 30-something gamers the world over this summer when it announced the 'Classic Mini' - a micro NES console with 30 games built in

But retro fan and keen builder Hugo Doris clearly can't wait for the mini NES to arrive on 11 November; he's recently uploaded a video chronicling his latest build, a hand-crafted micro SNES system.

Doris has tweaked a Raspberry Pi Zero to run a SNES emulator system (not dissimilar to the tech Nintendo will be squeezing into its Classic Mini), squeezing it inside a clay case crafted into the shape of a SNES. 

Sure, you could just download an emulator for your phone or laptop (noting the potential legal pitfalls of doing so), but we applaud Doris for going the extra mile. Now, how much would it cost to build one for us?