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Ketchup is no longer Britain's favourite condiment

What's the best sauce to put on chips?

Ketchup is no longer Britain's favourite condiment

What’s better on chips, mayo or ketchup? Europeans – who are objectively correct on this matter – say mayo. Brits, generally, have gone for the ol’ classic ketchup. And the debate has raged viciously for years. When will it end? How many more people must die in the name of condiments? 

Well, it appears the wars have only just truly begun, as recent stats point to a big shake-up in our buying habits. Sorry ketchup fans, but you’re finally being overtaken.

According to British food mag The Grocer, ketchup’s day in the chip-adorning sun may be over – over the last year, sales of the condiment dropped by 2.7% and volumes fell by a further 4.2%. Meanwhile, sales of mayo have risen by 7% and volume by 7.3%. 

Apparently it’s because of our growing tastes for healthy foods and for exciting new flavour combos. 

It’s not just that we’re eating more mayo, it turns out – it’s because we’re replacing old faithful ketchup with things like peri-peri sauce and chutneys. 

Mayo also chimes with the current trend for ‘clean’ or healthy eating – its low fat options are partly why sales have soared, The Grocer says. Ingredients such as free-range eggs or an emphasis on a lack of preservatives add to mayo’s wholesome, healthy image. 

It’s also much more innovative than ketchup, apparently, which has mostly stayed the same. 

“There have been some interesting innovations within mayo while ketchup has remained largely the same,” Laurie Booker, a marketing expert at brand design agency Cowan, told The Grocer. ”A wider flavour choice means mayo has become more appealing and intriguing.”

So there we have it: definitive proof that mayo is better than ketchup. It’s not like the British public have ever been wrong about anything, after all... 

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