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Matt LeBlanc will 'quit' Top Gear if Chris Evans doesn't walk first

Matt LeBlanc will 'quit' Top Gear if Chris Evans doesn't walk first

Matt LeBlanc will 'quit' Top Gear if Chris Evans doesn't walk first

As one half of Joey Tribiani and Chandler Bing, Matt LeBlanc knows a thing or two about televisual bromance.

And if the latest reports emanating from the set of the heavily criticised new series of Top Gear are anything to go by, the former Friends man is not enjoying his time in front of cameras alongside Chris Evans one bit, with the US star said to be concerned about his fellow presenter’s rudeness towards the crew.

While there had already been plenty of bullying accusations levelled at Evans in recent months – even as far back as late last year when executive producer Lisa Clark quit amid claims about Evans’s erratic behaviour to staff, as one source claimed the presenter thought he could “trample over everyone” – this could be the biggest sign of hostilities yet, with The Telegraph reporting that the relationship between the pair has gotten so bad that LeBlanc has even issued an ultimatum over his future, telling BBC bosses that either Evans walks or he does.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, the source said: “The team does not gel and the atmosphere between the presenters is frosty.”

Adding, “Matt’s indicated he won’t continue on any further series if Chris remains. He is far from the only one who is not happy.”

Perhaps tellingly, the alleged leaks come just a few months before the crew embark on the filming of the second series, due to begin in September, when it’ll hope the ratings have picked back up having seen them plummet.

Surely we all know who would be the ideal replacement if Evans were kindly asked to leave: Matthew Perry.

Could he be any more perfect?