Matt LeBlanc may have accidentally revealed The Stig's identity

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Chris Sayer

We all know that Joey doesn't share food. But he does share the closely guarded identity of a certain Top Gear co-host, it seems.

Matt LeBlanc, one-sixth of the FRIENDS dynasty and now one-seventh of the brand new Top Gear line-up, which airs this Sunday for the first time since Clarkson punched a man in the face over a steak, could well have revealed one of the biggest secrets in BBC history, thanks to some clumsy Twitter action.

Eagle-eyed social media hounds have noticed that both LeBlanc and his co-host, Rory Reid, have recently followed a man named Phil Keen. 

What's the big deal? Well, Phil Keen is none other than a former podium-topping GT race driver, albeit a fairly unknown one.

A coincidence? Maybe. Keen much? Possibly. But pretty interesting given that he's previously been linked to the famous white helmet, possibly as a stand-in. Of course, petrol-headed Top Gear fans have already made their own minds up...

What do you reckon? Is Phil Keen the new Stig? Or are we all jumping to conclusions? Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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