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Mario versus Everyone

Mario versus Everyone

Mario versus Everyone
30 January 2014

It'sah him, Mario - just not as the effervescent princess-rescuer you're familiar with.

The following works are taken from Mario Versus, a series by the supremely talented artist Sebastian von Buchwald.

What started out as a brutal illustration of Mario and Sonic duking it out for the title of greatest platformer, spawned into a series of Mario acting as the brutal antagonist of countless game franchises - from Mega Man to BioShock.

You can see the full series over on Buchwald's website, and anyone wanting to pick up a print should seek him out at London's Super Comic Con this March.

(Images: Sebastian von Buchwald)

(Via: DeviantArt)

Mario vs Sonic

Mario vs Master Chief

Mario vs Mega Man

Mario vs BioShock

Mario vs Ryu

Mario vs Chell

Mario vs Marcus Fenix

Mario vs Banjo & Kazooie

Mario vs Lara Croft

Mario vs Doom Guy

Mario vs Rayman

Mario vs Sub Zero

Mario vs Cloud

Mario vs Pacman

Mario vs Bomberman