Man writes hilarious list of everything that make his wife cry for a month and it's lovely


Now we’ll be the first to admit that we’re quite an emotional bunch here in the ShortList offices. Sure, we might pretend to be all macho on occasions, but lots of things make us weep.

Like the time we saw baby pandas on the news or ‘accidentally’ watched The Notebook and cried for several hours. The world is an emotional place and we’re not ashamed to say it.

That said, this man’s wife is 'next level emotional' - something both hilarious and quite endearing at the same time.

Comedy writer Aaran Gillies and his wife have been married for a year and during this time he noticed that his wife cries A LOT.

So much so that he decided to write a list of every single blubbering moment and post it to twitter.

Speaking to The Huffington Post he confirmed that he did get permission from his wife to share the list and she did find it amusing, which is good because the tweet has since been shared over thirty thousand times.

“I thought it would get about 12 retweets from people that know Lex in real life and know what she is like. Neither of us thought it would go this big! But so many people are identifying with it, maybe sensitivity is seen as something not many people talk about openly, so seeing someone show it started a large conversation!” 

[Via: Huffington Post]


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