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Man Trapped In Swing For Nine Hours

Not a Nobel Scientist we're willing to wager

Man Trapped In Swing For Nine Hours
Danielle de Wolfe
24 October 2011

Although we’re intensely proud to be a member of the male species, there’s no disguising the fact that some of our kin are, how can we put this delicately? A bit daft.

Unfortunately this propensity for the ridiculous is amplified when surrounded by other likeminded men folk. Call it daftness to the nth degree.

We were reminded of such a fact when we heard the tale about a 21-year-old man who spent nine hours stuck in a child’s swing in California over the weekend. All to win a $100 (£62.59 in the Queen’s English) wager.

The unnamed chap bet his buddies that he could squeeze his frame into the swing and although he succeeded (with the help of some lubricant), he was soon stuck. His ‘friends’ thought this hilarious and left him to it. For nine hours. And this was at 9pm.

So it wasn’t until 6am the next morning when the park groundsman arrived at work that he was discovered. By this point he was screaming like a baby – which being stuck in a toddler’s swing was perhaps apt.

He was finally rescued by the fire department. But hey, at least he was $100 up, yeah? Not bad for a night’s work just sitting on your backside.

(Image: Rex Features)